Sunday, October 24, 2004


3 points to the good.

Steve has been checking the Fix it mail bag today, and recieved our first official porn-free request;

Dear Steve,
Please could you fix it so that my neighbour does not gloat too much about the rubbish team which he supports (some Newcastle gimps) beating the excellent Manchester City who I support. I would be very grateful, especially as they did it mainly by cheating.
Debbie (age 45)

Well Debbie, I cant promise the world .. after all, mathematically, NUFC are better than MCFC - just look at the league table for evidence. Its the right of every fan to gloat to their neighbours if their team wins. Incidently, were you listening to the same game as Steve, as it appeared that the Man City players were the thugs. You will be recieving a special edition "Steve Fixed It For Me Badge" - black and white.

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