Saturday, October 23, 2004


Dont know if its a fix it or not

Recieved an email - not sure if its spam, or from someone desperate to be fixit'd - the email is from (vaughn)

LOOKING FOR A NEW BITCH TO F*CK {{{ MEET A NEW SEX PARTNER }}}*http://hotWEBCAM.IACCESSS.TO SEX I will take my bra off for you I will take my bra off for you.

Well vaughn, thanks for your email, first of all, I will be switching on my spam protection, secondly, no need to take your bra off, as we're sending you a "Steve Fixed it for me Chastity Belt". Young lady (or man - if you;re into that kind of stuff) - Its getting a little late in the year for taking your bra off anyhow, you should be adding many layers of clothing to keep your temp up. You'll get a cold

Tar Tar


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